Calling All T.V. Buffs

27 August 2010 by

Think you know tv shows? Maybe you’ve been told that you watch too much tv, your favorite songs just happens to be the theme song from Grey’s Anatomy, and your one liners all resemble last nights episode of the Office. But do you know which of these self storage scenarios match up to which popular tv show?

Click on the image above to go directly to the quiz.

If you managed to get all 15 answers correct then you have earned the right to be called TV Trivia Master and we’re wondering if you’ve found a way to capitalize on this impressive skill? If not then maybe it’s time to put the tv back into the box and go outside.

If you got 10 to 14 correct you’re well on your way, we don’t think you have to quit your day job to catch up on the ones you missed but you might want to invest in a dvr.

5-9 isn’t that bad if you’ve been living under a rock, other than that I am not sure what your excuse it.

Anything less than that we suggest quiting your day job to catch up on all of these shows, let me know if you need to know the time and date of when the reruns will be airing.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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