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Corporate storage makes up at least 30% of all self storage unit rentals in the storage industry. Ranging from small businesses who have utilized a self storage unit to house some of their excess or seasonal belongings rather than upgrading to a larger office building or renovating to medical professionals and hospitals housing patient records. When looking for business self storage It is important to find a self storage facility that offers climate controlled facilities. By regulating the temperature and the humidity in the unit you will be able to prevent your documents from degrading over time.

Just this week the North Texas History Center filed a lawsuit against a storage facility due to damaged documents and artifacts. The items were destroyed by water, the company declined to state where the water came from, only stating that their unit was not the only one to experience water damage.

Natural factors such as continual rainstoms, like the Midwest has been experiencing this summer can some times cause water damage to occur to self storage facilities. Although self storage facilities are fully equipped to combat against water damage from elements such as rainstorms there are several ways you as a business owner can protect your documents.

As a business owner when storing documents that you can not afford to lose then you will want to pay close attention to preserving these documents. Placing the documents in a self storage facility is safe and convenient place to hold your documents where you can limit the access of the documents and know where they are at all times. Limiting access to the documents to only personnel authorized to will make sure that the documents are not copied or misused in any way.

If the documents are quite a bit older sometimes air can damage them, making the pages turn a yellowish grey color, often times destroying the ink beyond recognition. Moisture can also collect on the documents, ruining them, which is why a climate controlled self storage unit is the best option when storing records or documents.

Storing important documents and records in a climate controlled storage unit ensures that the items are kept in a dry place. You may also want to invest in an airtight fireproof container. According to an article posted by Inside Self Storage, Fireproof Goods Protection, “increasing awareness of fireproof- container products, facility owners and managers can help tenants justify the decision to use self-storage to store irreplaceable items they may have previously stored elsewhere.”

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