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According to CNN’s article World Cup gives South Africa’s wine a boost. My resources say that vineyards began popping up in Cape Town around the mid 1600’s and with the culmination of the World Cup South African wine sales have seen a spike in exports to countries whose teams are playing in the World Cup. As a soccer fanatic who also happens to have a friend living in South Africa I have been hearing a great deal about the local vineyards and wine collections that South Africa has to offer.

According to a piece done by the New York Times Dining and Wine section a little over a year ago, wine from South Africa had been virtually impossible to acquire during the apartheid and only a decade and a half later their wine dares to compete with the rest of the world. “for much of the second half of the 20th century, when wine exploded as a global commodity, South African wines were largely off limits to the rest of the world because of the country’s apartheid policies…[after a taste test the New York Times concluded that] South Africa has caught up”

In honor of the World Cup South Africa also unveiled a special edition of three South African wines for the World Cup, for local and international sale. Nederburg‘s cellarmaster, Razvan Macici developed the three blends, a Cabernet Sauvignon, a dry rosé and a Sauvignon Blanc. Here is some more information about the collection.

With the growing popularity of wine collecting self storage facilities have begun offering units specific to storing wine. With the price of renovating your house in order to create a personal cellar for your wine collection many wine aficionados have turned to self storage facilities to store their precious wine. Collecting wine can be an expensive hobby and wines need to be housed in a climate that allows them to mature at a steady pace. Preserving the wine at property temperature will prevent the wine from spoiling. Self storage facilities that specialize in wine preservation will be able to house your wine in a climate controlled unit maintaining the temperature and humidity of the unit.

Some self storage facilities offer wine racks for their customers, which allows the wine bottles to be stored horizontally. This practice keeps the wine from being shaken or vibrating and keeps the cork moist. Keeping the cork moist ensures that it does not reduce in size, so it fits tightly into the bottle preventing oxidation. The wine should be kept in a temperate and humidity controlled climate, where there is little to no light, allowing the wine to mature naturally.

So if you are interested in obtaining the special edition wine collection from South Africa make sure you take the time to store your wine properly so the wine does not degrade over time.

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