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9 June 2010 by

Self Storage Finders would like to welcome a few new preferred members to our site. We would like to welcome Alexis from Storage OH, John from Mobile Attic and Kurt from Safeguard to our preferred members facilities.

Self Storage Finders has also been working with Jeff from Storage Partners to test out a few more storage facilities for Storage Partners. Previously Storage Partners had placed 26 facilities under the preferred member facilities and after months of testing Storage Partners has decided to place 6 more facilities under preferred member facilities. Storage Partners noticed an increase in traffic to their site as a result from Self Storage Finders SEO and felt that their other 6 storage facilities would greatly benefit from the services offered by Self Storage Finders.

Don Jones from Donald Jones Consulting has also been testing out Self Storage Finders and has decided to add 5 more facilities to our preferred members, making that a total of 7 facilities.

These new facilities are a testament to Self Storage Finders SEO efforts, showing that we are providing positive results for our preferred members. We are actively updating our website to provide our preferred members with the maximum amount of exposure to potential renters.

We know that it is difficult to acknowledge all of our preferred customers so if your company is doing something new and interesting shoot us an email so we can write about it on our blog and let the self storage community know. We enjoy getting information about preferred members teaming up with local or national charities to give back to their community.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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