Dewinterize Your Boat

18 May 2010 by

Summer is here and it’s time to drag the boat out of storage and head out to the lake for some family fun in the sun. Before launching your boat you’ll want to follow our pre-launch checklist to make sure everything is in order before you set sail.

Oil Check

Typically most people change the oil at the end of the season before placing their boat into self storage for the winter, but if you forgot then you will want to change the oil and the oil filter.

Battery Inspection

When reattaching the battery cables clean all corrosion off of the terminals. If you have a battery that uses water, then fill up the battery. When using a dry battery, use a battery tester to check the volts and amps, checking to see if the battery has enough power to run your boat for the season. If the battery appears to be charged but you are still having trouble, you may need to invest in a new battery for the season.

Cooling System

Before placing your boat into storage you drained the cooling system, no its time to refill the system. Also rinse out the strainer, checking the hoses for leaks and cracks.

Fuel System

You should have also topped off the tank with gas before storing your boat, to prevent moisture and condensation from forming in the tank and diluting the gas. Change the fuel filter, looking for cracks or problems with the fuel line.


Clean corrosion off of the distributor cap and properly reattach everything.


Check the belts and tighten anything that appears to be loose, you should only be able to push down on the belt slightly. If the belt is too loose then it will wear faster. If the belt does not fit tightly into the grooves, check to see if the belt is worn out and needing to be replaced. Look at the pulleys to see if there is black soot, which is an indicator of a worn belt.

And Other Things

• Change spark plugs
• Use WD-40 to lubricate the engine
• Check ALL hoses
• Check power steering/cables
• Test the bilge pump
• Replace the drain plug
• Check rudder and shafts
• Inspect the prop
• Test the horn
• Test the VHF radio
• Check the trim
• Inspect personal flotation devices
• Check the fire extinguisher expiration date
• Make sure the anchor in on board

SSF Team

SSF Team

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