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We’ve done some research to help you decide which type of storage best suits your needs.

Self Storage Facilities

When renting a storage unit from a self storage facility you will want to visit the storage facility to check out the facility itself, the sizes and prices of each unit. You will pay a monthly fee to rent the amount of space you deem is needed to properly fit all of your belongings you are placing into self storage. Typically the longer rental agreement you sign the cheaper the monthly rent, so keep in mind that self storage facilities are great for long-term storage. You will be responsible for moving your belongings from your home to the storage unit, to save on money most people find it easier to move their belongings by themselves or with help from family or friends. If you plan on moving a large amount into the storage facility you may want to consider renting a moving truck, so the move can be done in a few short hours with only one trip having to be made.

Self storage facilities are equipped with various amenities to keep your belongings safe, such as a secure perimeter, video camera, security guards, lighting and climate controlled units. You can readily access your storage unit during business hours of the facility.

Mobile Storage Containers

The mobile storage container is delivered to your driveway where you can then begin to fill it up at your own pace. If you have larger items plan on recruiting a few family members or friends to help you move items from the house into the container. Once the container is filled you call the company and they return to pick up the container and transport it back to their warehouse. Your container is then placed into a climate controlled warehouse where it is stored for safe keeping. Contracts usually run on a monthly basis so you can store your belongings for a short term without signing a long contract.

If you want to access your storage container you will have to call to company and request for them to send the container back to your house, where you will have no control over the arrival time. Some neighborhoods do not allow mobile storage containers to be placed outside of houses or if they do they have restrictions or require permits.

Each one of these options has pros and cons so we think it’s best for you to decide which one works for you.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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