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30 April 2010 by

After deciding which size of self storage unit to rent you will want to create a list amenities you want the storage unit to have.

It may help to go through and rate the amenities on a scale of one through five. Below is an explanation of the rating system we use.

– 1 you will not rent a storage facility if this amenity is not available.

– 2 you might not rent the facility if this amenity is not available but you could live without it

– 3 you are indifferent and are not sure if you would benefit from this amenity but you would use it if the facility offered it

– 4 you would still rent the facility if this amenity wasn’t offered but you would consider it an added bonus if it was offered

– 5 you place little importance on this amenity and would rent the facility without this amenity

Here is a list of a few amenities that we have found most facilities offer:

    ♦ convenient and safe location
    ♦ climate control
    ♦ 24-hour access
    ♦ security cameras
    ♦ security guards
    ♦ keypad entrance
    ♦ gated grounds
    ♦ lighting system
    ♦ 24-hour on-site manager
    ♦ alarm system
    ♦ renters insurance available
    ♦ various payment methods accepted
    ♦ convenient payment schedule

Check out these past posts for more information about each amenity.

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SSF Team

SSF Team

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    Self Storage can be a great place to store all of your extra possessions until you need them.

  • There is nothing quite like finding out that you have company coming when you have been using your spare room as a dumping ground for all of your excess junk. Big problem is where to store them?

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