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Use boxes that are study and in good condition, older damaged boxes can weaken over time and won’t protect your belongings as well. Try looking for boxes that are the same or similar in size, so when stacking boxes in your self storage unit they will fit together securely. Fill boxes to capacity; however don’t overload them, making them too heavy to move. If you have some empty space in your box try stuffing the box with shredded paper, filling the box will prevent it from toppling over or caving in. Labeling the boxes and identifying each box’s contents can prevent damages from occurring during the move. Seal each box to keep dust from collecting on your belongings.

When packing items such as books pack them flat so you don’t damage the spine of the book, place smaller items in last to fill the empty spaces and wrap sharp objects in a towel or rag so you do not hurt yourself when unpacking the boxes. When unpacking the boxes try to peel the tape back before cutting into the box and risk damaging the items in the box.

Kitchen Tips

When packing kitchen items make sure that everything is dry before boxing it up, mold grows when there is a moist climate, which will ruin your belongings. Pack fragile items tightly into strong boxes and fill any gaps in the box to prevent items from shifting and breaking during transport to and from your self storage unit. Wrap and stuff breakable items with blank newspaper or old rags.

Drain dishwashers and washing machines before placing them into your storage unit. Also tie the hose down so it is not damaged during transportation. Clean out refrigerators and stuff with newspaper, leaving the doors cracked to prevent mold from growing in the refrigerator. Before placing your vacuum cleaning into self storage remove the bag and throw away the contents.

Living Room Tips and Bedroom

Wrap mirrors and pictures in bubble wrap, stacking them on their ends. Criss-cross masking tape over the glass top prevent frames from falling out. Lose photographs should be stored between clean cardboard to prevent the photos from being bent. Compact the photos together so they aren’t damaged or bent during the move.

To save space, take apart tables, spray them with furniture polish and cover them to protect them from dust. Dismantling larger pieces of furniture will also help save space. Use drawers of dressers or chests as storage. Place large electronics such as televisions and stereos into their original boxes, if you have already discarded the box use another box and fill gaps in the box with newspaper.  Chairs can also be stacked seat to seat to save space, wrapping the chair legs will prevent them from being damaged.

Use a leather conditioner treatment on leather couches and chairs to preserve them during storage. Furniture covers can also be purchased to prevent dust from gathering on the furniture, avoid using plastic covers because they aren’t as study and can trap moisture in them. Furniture pads can also be used during moving so the furniture isn’t torn or destroyed during the move.

Tool Tips

To prevent items from rusting rub a small amount of machine oil on metal tools and equipment. Place paintbrushes on their sides so you do not damage the bristles of the brushes. Tie tools together in bundles and wrap in a cloth. Do not ever keep anything flammable or combustible in your storage unit (gasoline, oil, cleaning supplies, paint thinner). Lawnmowers should be drained before placing into the storage unit.

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SSF Team

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