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1. When to Move

Picking your moving date may come down to convenience but if you have some wiggle room try picking a date that’s during the off season. Moving company’s peak seasons occur at the end and beginning of the month during the summertime. Since supplies are higher in demand during the peak season expect to pay more for moving supplies, trucks, vans and movers.

Remember that most offices of business are closed on Sunday, such as banks and utility companies, so if you run into a problem you’ll have to wait until Monday morning to address problems that may have occurred over your weekend move.

2. What to Take

We’ve been discussing this topic lately, and the conclusion we’ve come to is that the best place to start is by sorting through all of your items deciding what to keep, what to place in self storage and what to give away.

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3. Tipping

If you’re taking the route of hiring a professional moving company to help you move don’t forget to tip the movers. The general rule of thumb is to tip between 15%-20% of the total cost of the move. Most moving companies will allow you to add the tip onto your already existing bill with them or you can opt to pay the movers in cash.

If you’ve employed family and friends to help you move, provide lunch for everyone to thank them for helping you out. Keep snacks and water around, allowing for frequent breaks to allow everyone to rest and stay hydrated.

4. Packing

Packing is an extremely important process when moving to a new home. While sorting through your belongings organize the items you are planning to take with you. Sticking like items together such as towels and bedding or organize each box according to the room that the belongings go into. Pack and label each box so when it comes time to move the boxes you or the moving company will be able to identify if the box contains fragile items or which room it should be placed in.

5. Important Changes

If you’re moving to a new home don’t forget to contact your old and new utility providers to set up when utilities need to be turned off and on for each house, and transferring the names on the accounts. Also you will need to fill out the official change of address with the United States Post Office, so you will receive all of your mail at your new address.

Here are a few items that you will need to change over before you make the big move.

• Gas
• Cable
• Electric
• Phone
• Internet
• Water
• Trash
• Change-of-Address

7. Paperwork

When making a big move there are a few important documents that you will need to keep handy. Keeping these important papers in a file that you can locate easily will come in handy.

• Driver’s License/ Insurance
• Birth Certificates
• Mover’s Written Estimates
• Recent Bills
• Bank Records
• Phone Contacts
• Maps
• Realtor Information

If you are moving with children and they will be changing schools here are a few more documents you’ll want to be able to provide to the new school in order to complete enrollment.

• A Birth Certificate
• A copy of your child’s History of Immunization
• A copy of your child’s physical which should be performed by a doctor

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SSF Team

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