Deciding What to Get Rid Of

6 April 2010 by

When you’re making the move to a new house, going through each room organizing items, deciding which items to keep and which items to give away can be stressful. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself about each item as you go through your rooms.

1. When was the last time I used this item? – You haven’t used the item for six months or you’re not even sure what it is, it might be time to consider getting rid of the item.

2. If I do use the item, how often do I use it? – If you’re sporadically using an item go through your inventory and see if you have something that is similar.

3. What purpose does it serve? – Ask yourself if this item improves your daily life and whether or not its purpose is helpful to you and your family. 

4. Do I have another item that is similar and serves the same purpose? – You have ten of everything and you don’t have room for everything in your new home, cut down on the items you have multiples of. Example, if you have a blender and a magic bullet maybe you can eliminate one of the items depending on which one you prefer to sever the purpose of blending.

5. Do I love this item or does it have sentimental value? – If the item is something that bring backs memories you may want to hang onto it and pass it down. Example, antique furniture passed down through the family, family china or the kids finger paintings.

6. Is it irreplaceable? ­– It’s one of a kind and you won’t find it anywhere else.

7. Can I get by without? – You can’t see yourself getting by without the item and

8. Will I have to replace it if I get rid of it? – If you get rid of this item and you then see it in the store will you have the urge to repurchase the item, you might want to consider holding on to the item.

9. Is it in good condition? – The item is in good condition and worth holding on to.

10. Will it need to be replaced soon or repaired? – The item is on its last leg and if you hold onto it will have to be replaced or repaired soon, it might not be worth keeping depending on the cost to replace or repair the item.

11. How much will it cost to replace or repair the item? – If replacing or repairing the item costs more than the actual item it might be easier just to donate the item and replace it with one that will last longer.

12. Can I donate the item or do I know someone who needs the item? – When giving away your personal belongings start by listing family or friends who could benefit from receiving the item, it will be easier to give items to people whom you know and trust, and then donate the rest to a trusted charity in your area.

13. What purpose will it serve in my new home? – Can you see this item in your new house, does it fit your style and can you use it in your new home?

14. Does it fit in my new home and where will I put it? – Large pieces of furniture may not have a place in your new home mainly because they just don’t fit, but the rule of thumb is that if you love if you’ll find a place for it…like a self storage facility.

15. Can it be easy transported to the new home? – You won’t be renting a moving truck for the move and you’re stumped on how you’re going to move your four piece sectional couch that you don’t really have room for in the new house, renting a moving truck for the sole purpose of moving the truck isn’t worth the price. 

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SSF Team

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