Preparing to Downsize

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In the coming months if you’re thinking of downsizing to a smaller home you’ll want to examine your belongings to determine what will fit into the new home. Maybe you’re family is going to be experiencing moving an older relative from a family home into a care facility. Downsizing is never an easy task, whether you’re going it for yourself or someone else.

Knowing where to start downsizing can save you stress that can come with the job. It may be difficult to identify where you’ll take your belongings you no longer have room for. If you’re finding it difficult to part with any of your belongings try making a list of where to place the items. Giving items to family members who will treasure and take care of your belongings may make parting with the items a little bit easier. Unable to part with a select few items, consider placing items in Salt Lake City self storage until you’ve fully decided what to do will make the process easier.

So, before you decide what to give away, decide where each item will go; relatives, friends, charities, auctions or Salt Lake City storage. Make a list of the belongings you no long have room for and label them for their new destination.

Pack as you go through each item. Sort the items into piles (take, give away, storage) and pack them into boxes. Once you have a pile of items to give away to relatives, friends, charities, or auctions, take the items to their new homes and eliminate some of the clutter around your house.

Go through each room and determine the amount of use each belonging gets. Start with the areas of your home, such as the attic and basement, which you don’t use much. It’s easier to start in rooms being used as extra storage, since these items are being unused already. There is less sentimental attachment to these items which are being unused, and already placed in storage, so deciding to get rid of these belongings or move them into your Salt Lake City self storage unit will be easier.

Ask your realtor if you can have a blueprint of your new room, finding out the exact dimensions of each room will help you access which large pieces of furniture you can take during the move. Knowing which pieces will fit and which won’t will make the decision of which pieces to take easier.

Use graph paper to map the dimensions of each room, then measure each piece of furniture and decide if you will have enough room in your new home. For example, will your couch fit in the living room along with matching chair and love seat; is there a way to arrange the room so everything will fit? Mapping out the layout of each room will also eliminate the stress that comes with unpacking when moving into a new home. If you’re unsure of where or not an item will fit in your new home, placing the item in Salt Lake storage will save you from having to repurchase an item.

Being prepared and organized will help your downsize go smoother. Block out time to start going through your belongings, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by time constraints.

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SSF Team

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  • Storage is a simple solution when you have no more room in your house for cluttered items. If you do not want to rent a full storage unit because you cannot fill it and it seems like a waste of money then is it better to get a mini storage?

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