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Transporting your belongings into Baltimore storage can have a huge impact on your ecological footprint. If you’re an avid recycler disposing of materials such as boxes, tape (which can’t be recycled and takes a long time to decompose) and other packing supplies can seem wasteful, however with a little extra planning you can save money and help the environment.

Looking for eco-friendly packing supplies can greatly decrease your impact on the environment, find equipment that is reusable and made out of recycled materials. Reusable containers such as plastic bins can be purchased at most local house ware stores. If you’re packing items such as clothing and bedding these containers will also give your belongings an added protection from the elements while being placed in Baltimore self storage. You might not be able to pack everything in these reusable containers; however you can greatly reduce the number of boxes you need.Eliminating the amount of boxes you need also reduce the amount of tape you will use.

Seek out recycle materials, grocery stores sometimes place boxes in a specific area after unloading trucks, for costumers to have. If your local grocery store doesn’t have a designated spot for boxes, call ahead and ask the manager to set aside a few for you each week. As long as you give them a few weeks notice you should be able to acquire as many boxes as you want. Some of these boxes are re-enforced to hold heavier loads while others are flimsy and good for packing lighter items, so you will have a variety of boxes to choose from when packing your belongings for Baltimore storage.

Shredded paper is a great alternative to purchasing packing supplies and a creative way to reuse old paper. If you don’t mind cleaning off a few newspaper smudges then old newspaper can also be used to wrap around glassware and dishes. Old magazines can also be used to stuff down around fragile items so they do not shift in the boxes during transportation. Resalable sandwich bags can be cleaned and filled with air to act as a cushion between breakable items.

Various items can be reused for packing supplies, just look around your house for items you might be ready to throw away, old clothing, junk mail and wrapping paper. Packing peanuts are often made of polystyrene. Polystyrene takes hundreds of years to decompose in nature, so recycling it is the perfect alternative to disposing of these packing peanuts.

Looking online for distributors that sell eco friendly packing supplies can cut down on the stress of looking for these items if you’re going to be putting a large amount of items into your Baltimore storage unit.

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