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Packing your Los Angeles storage unit can sometimes be even more important than packing it. In order to avoid an unpacking dilemma you need to create a plan of attack, otherwise you could be sorting through boxes for months. First rule of thumb is to be organized when you packing your self storage unit so unpacking it will be fast and easy.

Your ready to unpack your Los Angeles self storage unit, but where do you start? First make sure you have time to unpack. Depending on what you have stored away will depend on how long you will need to block out for unpacking. Try blocking out a weekend or a couple of days to try and unpack everything at once, if this doesn’t work then create a schedule to unpack so many boxes each night.

Tackling boxes room by room will make unpacking less stressful; you will feel better with one room complete rather than four half-done rooms. This is why it pays to be organized before you move your belongings into Los Angeles storage, labeling the boxes with their contents and which room they belong to will help during this process. If you unpacking items that belong in bedrooms try having each person unpack their own personal things so they can place items where they want, making their space their own.

Save larger multi use rooms such as the kitchen and living room for when you have time to get everything unpacked and in order. If you have everyone pitch in and help it will pass the time much faster than if you are unpacking by yourself. Be mindful of boxes labeled fragile because you do not want to damage the items during the unpacking process.

If you’ve packed essentials in your Los Angeles storage unit such as kitchen items, bedding, or bathroom supplies, such as shower curtains and rugs, that you will need right away mark the boxes with instructions, such as “open first.” If you haven’t stored any essential items in your storage unit then you’ll just need to need to decide what room you want to begin unpacking. However if you have packed essential items you’ll want to begin in the kitchen.

The kitchen is a high traffic area for a family and unless you want to stick to eating out until you are completely unpacked this is the room you’ll want to begin in. Then move onto the bedrooms and other key pieces of furniture used by the entire family. Unpacking the bedrooms and clothing will allow for the family to return to normal life even if all of your belongings aren’t moved out of Los Angeles storage. Then work your way from the family room to the dining room and garage. These rooms are important but will not disrupt your everyday life if some of their items are still sitting in storage.

By organizing your belongings before placing them into Los Angeles self storage you will cut down on some of the stress that comes with unpacking. Even if you’re only pulling out a few of the items from storage labeling your boxes carefully positioning in your storage unit will be a huge benefit. If there is an item you know you will need in the near future, place the box near the front of your storage unit so you can easily access its contents. A simple step such as labeling can save you time and stop confusion during unpacking!

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