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When moving your belongings into Portland self storage having the right packing supplies can protect your belongings and ensure that they make it through the move without a scratch. If you’re trying to cut down on moving costs see if you have some of these items in your house already, instead of purchasing new material.

Start by creating a list of the items you are going to be moving into Portland self storage, along with an itemized list of packing supplies you have and things you will need to purchase. Identify the items that will require special attention when being packed, such as larger pieces, fragile and awkward shaped items. Once you’ve recognized the items that will require a little extra consideration you will be able to compare your list to your packing supply inventory.

Most Portland self storage facilities will have packing supplies available for consumers to purchase, however you can also find items at a mail service supply store, office supply outlets, and online. To save money on boxes, your local grocery store is a great place to look. Sometimes boxes will be placed aside each week for people to come and get, find out what time the store receives large shipments and when they usually finish unloading the trucks. If not give the manager of the store a few weeks notice that you will be wanting some boxes so he or she can put some aside for you.

When moving a specialty item such as a large mirror or framed artwork you may want to invest in a specialty box. These boxes are stronger and shaped to fit; using corrugated cardboard will also protect fragile items during transport to your Portland storage unit.

Other packing supplies you might need include unprinted newspaper, bubble wrap, tape and a permanent marker. If you use printed newspaper you run the risk of having to spend time cleaning up your belongings after unpacking.

Items such as foam, plastic wrap, inflatable bags and packing peanuts can also be used to cushion and secure your items during the move. Foam, inflatable bags and packing peanuts can be used to fill extra gaps you may have in a box, ensuring that a fragile item doesn’t shift in the box. Plastic wrap is great for holding items together and protecting the surface of these items.

Labeling your boxes will make packing and unpacking a breeze, you can indicate where the boxes content belong, how heavy the box may be and whether or not it is fragile. Marking whether an object is fragile or not will help keep your belongings safe during the move to and from your Portland storage unit.

Being organized during a move can make a great deal of a difference in how your possessions are preserved during the packing and unpacking process. Taking that extra time to ensure that items are packed properly and securely will make it all worthwhile.

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SSF Team

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  • People have a lot of stuff now days. Sometimes we keep too much junk but either way we like our stuff. Having so much stuff can pose a problem when it comes to storing it. Are they better off in a public storage?

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