Oklahoma City Self Storage Security Tips

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When looking for Oklahoma City storage, security should be your main concern. Without the property security on-site a facility will be unable to provide you and your belongings the protection needed. All facilities offer different security amenities, policies and conditions based on the level of security offered by the self storage facility.

When renting an Oklahoma City storage unit, you will be required to supply your own lock and key. Invest in a study lock that cannot be cut by bolt cutters. The manager of the storage facility will be able to advise you on which lock to purchase. Do not give the key to the lock out to anyone you do not trust. Depending on the storage facilities policy you may be required to leave an extra key with the storage facility, this is in case you lose your key or someone authorized to access your unit can without you being present. Some facilities will also offer a keypad entry system that allows entrance to the facility only to people with the access code. The code will be entered at the main gate, which will allow you to access your self storage unit between certain times. Ask the facility if they keep a record of who accesses the storage facility.

Fencing is a safety featured offered by almost all Oklahoma City storage units, which is used to protect the property from burglars who are trying to get a closer look. With high fencing make sure that the storage facility is well lit, near the buildings and around the property. You want to feel safe when visiting your storage facility, especially if you’re visiting at night. Automatic gates will also provided added safety to you, so you will not have to exit your vehicle every time you go in and out of the storage facility.

Most Oklahoma storage facilities will have on-site video surveillance security, with a camera located at the main gate of the facility. Ask the facility manager if there are any other cameras located on the premises and whether or not the video record is kept by digital or VCR.  Simply by asking this question you will also find out whether or not the surveillance cameras and kept up to date and in working condition. Having a camera that is just for show and doesn’t work isn’t helpful at all.

Ask whether or not a manager or staff member lives on-site. If that is not the case ask if there is someone who is present at the Oklahoma City storage facility at all times, like a security guard. Having someone on the property round the clock will give you that extra feeling of comfort when you leave your belongings in the storage unit.

When looking for an Oklahoma City storage unit to hold your belongings, security features are not something you want to skimp on. Chose a unit that is located in a good neighborhood, where theft and crime are not prevalent. Facilities located near highway access and high traffic areas are also safer. Paying a little bit of extra money to protect your belongings will be worth it in the end.

A few extra security features offered by some Oklahoma City storage facilities are fire proof units and burglar alarms on the premises. These amenities are not a must but if you want to shell out the extra money then look for a facility that offers this level of security.

Most importantly make sure that the Oklahoma City storage facility you chose to leave your belongings at leaves you feeling at ease with your decision. You do not want to constantly be worrying about your stuff and whether or not something might happen. If you feel comfortable in the facilities level of security then that is a good sign.

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