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With school is soon adjourning for summer vacation and college students will be looking for a place to store their belongings over the summer months. Whether you’re moving from a dorm room to an apartment or just changing apartments for the following school year, placing your belongings in Pittsburgh self storage is a cheap alternative rather than hauling everything home for four months.

If you’re planning to store your belongings in Pittsburgh storage you’ll want to get a jump start planning so you can guarantee an available storage unit at an affordable rate. Ask the storage facility if they are running any specials for college students. Storing your items for a few months instead of trying to move everything home will save you money in the long run. Renting a truck or a trailer to move everything home can be expensive depending how far you have to travel.

Although summer is a few months away it never hurts to start planning for your departure from school. Decide what you will be storing in your Pittsburgh storage facility, so you can chose the size of storage facility to rent. Since you won’t be accessing your unit often it’s safe to say that renting a unit as close as possible to the size recommended or smaller. Standing larger pieces of furniture on their ends and utilizing drawers as storage can help save space.

If you’re storing items such as furniture, clothing or other valuables a climate controlled storage unit will maintain the temperature, humidity and dust in the unit protecting your belongings from deterioration. Using a climate controlled storage unit will prevent mold, mildew and warping of your possessions.

Not sure if a climate controlled unit is worth the money, there are several steps you can take to protect your belongings in self storage. Place your items on 2×4 boards or a pallet to protect against water that may seep into the storage unit. Cover your items with a drop cloth will prevent dust from collecting. Invest in a mattress bag to protecting your mattress against soil, dust and water damage. Furniture pads can be placed over larger items to protect them from being damaged during the move. Boxing up your items will also maximize the amount of space in your storage unit.

If you have access to a truck or a larger vehicle, utilizing this will cut down on the cost to transport your items into the storage facility. Try to avoid having to rent a moving truck, if you’re moving smaller items make several trips, starting with the heaviest boxes. When stacking your boxes place the heaviest boxes on the bottom so items don’t shift and get damaged in your Pittsburgh storage facility.

Planning ahead for your move from the dorm to an apartment or to another apartment will make the move easier. Studying for finals and packing for the move home can be stressful, so having a plan will alleviate some of the anxiety caused by moving. Enlisting some friends to help you move can also take some of the stress away, and make the move go by faster.

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