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Deciding where to store your belongings in Orlando self storage can be challenging but with the right advice you’ll be on your way to picking out the storage unit that’s right for you. First, you are going to want to approximate the number of items, by making a list, which are going to be storing in the self storage facility and determine how much space you will need in your self storage unit. Once you’ve picked out the perfect Orlando self storage unit you’ll want to begin packing your items.

Before starting to pack refer back to your list so you can begin to categorize the items you want to store in your self storage unit into different boxes. Try to use boxes that are similar in size so you can stack them easily, starting with the heavier boxes on the bottom. When categorizing your items for your self storage unit store the items you will want to access more frequently into one or more boxes and place them near the entrance of the storage facility. This will ensure that you will not be rummaging through all of your boxes looking for one item. Keeping you a list of what items are being kept in what box will also help you being able to identify where items are more quickly, along with labeling each box. (Clothing, kitchen items, children’s toys, fragile, etc.)

Remember to leave an isle between your boxes so you can easily access them in the storage unit without harming any of the items. Pack valuable items with bubble wrap and newspaper to ensure that there isn’t a shift in the items during moving. Then place these items near the back of your self storage unit away from the door, to keep them safe. Do not stack your belongings all of the way up to the ceiling to keep them safe from damaging.

Take extra precaution when packing items such as metal objects, furniture and appliances. Metal objects can be treated with rust protector or wiped down with oil. Furniture can warp in storage units due to humidity, so even if you sprung for the climate controlled unit you will want to take precautions to keep your furniture safe from damaging. Space out your furniture away from other items so air can circulate in the storage unit. Placing plastic sheets on the floor of your self storage unit and stacking your boxes on top of wooden pallets, helps prevent damage from condensation. You can also lay fabric over your items to protect them from dust. Appliances such as refrigerators should be left open and stuffed with newspaper to prevent mold from growing. Do not ever keep anything flammable or combustible in your Orlando self storage unit (gasoline, oil, cleaning supplies, paint thinner). Lawnmowers should be drained before placing into the storage unit.

Finally, purchasing a lock that cannot be cut by bolt cutters is important to keeping your belongings safe. Self Storage Facilities do their best to protect your items but the lock is your way of insuring your belongings safety. Also items that cannot be insured or replaced should not be placed in self storage. Renters should also catalog items record the serial numbers of any electronics or other products placed in the Orlando self storage unit.

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    You will want to purchase a lock that is safe a secure, usually purchasing a lock falls on the responsibility of the renter. When a renter signs an agreement to store his or her belongings in self storage the rent assumes all responsibility of the items that are then placed in the self storage unit. You can purchase insurance for these items during this time, and we recommend that you should keep an organized record of the items placed into self storage. For safety reasons if there is something that you do not feel comfortable leaving in self storage or it is irreplaceable we believe that there are precautions you can take to protect your belongings but nothing is guaranteed. Keeping a record of your electronics serial numbers is just in case someone does break into your storage unit, having these numbers can help the police recover your stolen items faster, since you are able to prove that these items did in fact belong to you.

    Thanks for the comment and let us know if there is anything else we can answer for you.

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