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When preparing to move your belongings into Phoenix storage you’ll want to consider using boxes to store your belongings in a safe and sound way in the self storage unit. Using the right size of boxes and packing techniques will allow you to maximize the space of your storage unit while keeping your belonging secure. Boxes will keep your belongings safe in transport to and from the self storage facility and in the unit.

Types Of Moving Boxes

There are different types of boxes that you can choose from when moving into your Phoenix storage unit. The boxes range in size and variety depending on the items you are planning to store. Box sizes vary from extra-large to small; some storage facilities will provide customers the option to customize the box size to suit their needs. Also ask about moving supplies, such as tape, furniture covers, bubble wrap and plain newsprint paper. You can determine the amount of your moving supplies based on the type and size of your belongings.

What To Store In What Box

Make a list of the items you want to store so you can quickly decide what type and size of boxes to purchase. Small boxes are perfect for storing heavier items, such as small equipment or electronics that you want to pack together. By placing heavy items in small boxes you will be able to easily move the boxes without straining yourself. If you’re storing a mass quantity of lighter items such as clothing, blankets, and seasonal items you’ll want to use a larger box. When storing bulkier light weight items such as pillows, lamps and comforters you might want to use an extra larger box.

If you’re using your Phoenix self storage unit to store important documents you may want to consider using file box to store records, legal files or letters. These boxes are self locking and are convenient to assemble and do not require tape.

Useful Tips

Choosing the right size of boxes will help maximize the efficiency of your Phoenix storage unit and provide your belongings with superior protection. Pick boxes of high quality that will hold together during transport and in the storage unit. Boxes of similar size will make it effortless to pile the boxes in a uniformed and secure stack. Place the heavier boxes on the bottom of the stack and continuing with the next heavier box.

Labeling the boxes will help you quickly find items and warn you of the items that need careful handing, such as fragile, heavy, or clothing. You can also label the boxes according to their home in your house, such as kitchen dishes, desk items, and bedroom pillows. Then when it comes time to unpack your storage unit you will be able to safely unpack the boxes placing them in the room they belonging.

Boxes containing fragile items that are not completely full should be stuffed with packing supplies such as bubble wrap or plain newsprint so the contents of the box do not shift in the move. When stacking the boxes this will also reinforce the boxes so they do not cave in crushing your belongings.

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