Four Self Storage Requirements

22 March 2010 by

Over the  past couple of years the self storage industry has been on the rise, accommodating two types of consumers, the business consumer and the domestic consumer. Although they may need a storage unit for various reasons they can both agree on a few basic requirements., If you’re looking for Boise self storage these four basic requirements will help you narrow down your search and find the storage unit that suits your needs.


To some people this requirement is a given but it’s easy to over look this requirement. When looking for self storage, you’ll first want to access the quantity of items you will be storing in the Boise self storage unit. By doing this you will be able to tell if you’ll need to rent moving truck or if you can transport the items on your own. If you’ll be renting a truck because you’ll be moving large items look for a storage unit that is close in location, cutting down on the time it takes to move will save you money on your truck rental. Location can also play a role in how often you will want to access your storage unit; the closer it is the easier it will be to access.


Now that you’ve decided that you will be storing in your Boise self storage facility you need to decide what size of storage facility you will need. Units range in size from 5’ by 5’ which is the size of a small closet to 10’ by 30’ which is the size of a large room. Find a self storage facility that has the unit size you’ll need available to rent. If you’re going to be accessing your storage unit frequently you may want to go up a size so you can allow for some elbow room when moving around.


When storing items that can be normally kept in a garage a non-climate controlled storage unit can be used to save on money. If you’re storing items such as heirlooms, records, furniture or electronics you may want to opt for a climate-controlled storage unit, which will keep your items in a controlled environment like your house. All Boise storage units have security in place to keep your belongings safe; access the level of security offered by each facility and which one gives you comfort in leaving your belongings with them.


Find a self storage facility that is within your budget and gives you all of the added luxuries you need to protect your belongings. Add in your moving costs such as truck rental, packing supplies and administrative fees that the storage facility may tack on as a onetime sign up fee. Look over your monthly budget to plan the amount of money you can spend on a self storage unit, keep this number in mind when looking at storage facilities. Stick to your number and don’t go over your budget.

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SSF Team

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    These are all good points. You mentioned Boise self-storage units; I’ve been looking at orlando storage unit. I’ve heard Storage Masters recommended; I may check it out.

  • This post provides a helpful overview of the importance of keeping items and in the right storage unit too. Some people might think that renting any storage unit works but it depends on what must be stored and where it should be kept. An informative read indeed.

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