Arkansas Self Storage Facilities - Average Pricing by Unit Size

Self-storage in Arkansas has seen steady growth in recent years, with more and more people utilizing these facilities for various reasons. One interesting fact is that Arkansas has a higher proportion of self-storage facilities per capita compared to the national average. This indicates a strong demand for storage solutions in the state.

Another interesting fact is that self-storage in Arkansas is not just limited to traditional storage units. Many facilities in the state offer climate-controlled units, vehicle storage, boat storage, and even wine storage options. This diversity in storage solutions caters to a wide range of storage needs for residents in Arkansas.

Furthermore, self-storage facilities in Arkansas often offer flexible rental terms and affordable pricing options. This makes it easy for individuals and businesses to find a storage solution that fits their budget and requirements. Additionally, many facilities in Arkansas offer online reservations and bill payment options, making the process of renting and managing a storage unit convenient and hassle-free.

Overall, the self-storage industry in Arkansas continues to evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of customers. With a wide range of storage options, flexible rental terms, and affordable pricing, self-storage facilities in Arkansas provide a convenient and reliable solution for individuals and businesses looking to store their belongings securely.

Unit SizeAverage PriceLowest Price
5' x 5'$45.25$16.20
5' x 10'$60.61$20.00
10' x 10'$80.63$28.00
15' x 10'$102.86$45.00
20' x 10'$131.54$40.00
Pricing updated on 06/16/2024