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U-Stor Self Storage - Bell

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Phoenix City Guide

With a subtropical desert climate, it’s not hard to see why Phoenix, Arizona’s nickname is Valley of the Sun. Summers here are very long and very hot (over 100 days of 100+ °F temperatures and at least 18 days of 110 °F), while winters are short and mild (around 55 °F, although it once got as low as 16 °F and the city closed down because no one owned a winter coat).

It’s also not hard to see why the 1.4 million residents of Phoenix spend so much time at waterparks, like Oasis Water Park, Big Surf Waterpark, and Wet ‘n’ Wild (not to be confused with the inexpensive makeup brand or anything non-family-oriented). And with the wide variety of water sport and recreation equipment that most people own—water wings, snorkels and flippers, floating chaise lounges, inflatable martini glasses, and Star Wars Death Star Hop Ball—you’ll definitely need extra storage space to keep all these toys out of sight.

If 100 °F temperatures are not enough to scare you into staying indoors all summer (i.e. February through November), then you can take a trip out to the Grand Canyon, Lake Havasu (where the old London Bridge is now located—yes, you read that right), or Montezuma’s Castle (which is neither a castle nor related to Aztec emperor Montezuma).

If the never-ending heat does scare you, you can always check out the Arizona Science Center or one of the 62,000 air-conditioned hotel rooms in the city. Phoenix is, after all, a top travel destination. Once you return from all these fabulous points of interest, a self-storage unit will be a great help for stashing all your souvenirs. Where else are you going to put your cacti, rattlesnakes, and chunks of faux castle?

If you're searching for self storage in Phoenix, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The pricing and availability of storage units in Phoenix will depend on several factors such as the real estate climate, the number of people moving into or throughout the area, housing conditions in the city, and the general wealth and prosperity of the area. The US Census keeps accurate data relating to all of these factors, so we've used their data on Phoenix to help inform your Phoenix self storage search.

Self Storage and Moving in Phoenix, AZ

Many people use storage as part of their move, so if there are many people moving to Phoenix, you might expect storage prices to be higher and unit availability to be lower. By looking at population changes in Phoenix, we should be able to get an idea of how many people are moving to or from the city. From 2010 to 2014, the Phoenix metro area population grew from 1,449,583 to 1,537,058, a growth rate of 6.03% according to the US Census.

Real Estate and Self Storage in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix housing prices and land values can affect storage prices as well. Storage facilities in more expensive Phoenix neighborhoods will typically charge higher rental rates. The US Census provides us with housing value and median rent data for Phoenix which we can use to get a better idea of what to expect in terms of price and availability for Phoenix self storage. According to the US Census, the median value of a home in Phoenix is $170,700, which is lower than the average for the top 100 US metros. The median home value in Phoenix declined by -28.16% between 2009 and 2013. In terms of housing affordability, the median income in Phoenix is 31.18% of the median home value, making Phoenix housing more affordable than most other big cities. 63% of homes in Phoenix are owner occupied, a lower rate than comparable cities.

The median monthly housing rent in Phoenix is $944 per month, which is higher than most other big cities. Between 2005 and 2013, the median rent in Phoenix grew by 6.43%, a lower rate than comparable cities. That rental rate would take up 21% of a median earner's income in Phoenix, making Phoenix less affordable for renters than the average for the top 100 US metros. 32% of Phoenix housing stock is renter occupied, a lower percentage than other large US cities.

Another way housing may affect storage demand is in the general size of homes in that city, with areas where homes are smaller often having a greater need for extra storage space. The median number of rooms per home in Phoenix is 6.1, which is lower than the average among the top 100 US metros. The median price per room in Phoenix is $27,984, which is lower than average among the top US metro areas.

One way to get an idea of the demand for housing and storage space in Phoenix is to look at housing occupancy and vacancy rates. If housing occupancy rates in Phoenix are high, it's probably safe to assume that storage facility occupancy rates in Phoenix are also high, which would push unit prices up. Phoenix is estimated to have a 87.2% housing occupancy rate, while the vacancy rate is at 12.8%. The average occupancy rate in US cities is approximately 89%, which is lower than the rate in Phoenix, suggesting that storage unit inventory might also be tighter in Phoenix. With fewer units available, storage facilities in Phoenix may charge higher prices.

Phoenix, AZ Self Storage Prices and Economics

Statistics like income and economic growth can also hint at storage pricing, since higher local incomes will likely point to higher storage prices. This can be particularly useful if you're moving to Phoenix from a different city. The median income in Phoenix is $53,228, which is lower than the average for large US cities. From 2009 to 2013, median income in Phoenix declined by -2.71%. 4.1% of those living in Phoenix make over $200,000 a year, a lower rate than the average for the top 100 US metros. According to the latest US Census reports, Phoenix has a GDP of $197,079,000,000 and a per capita GDP of $44,749. That means that Phoenix's per capita GDP is lower than the average for the top 100 US metros. More educated cities are often wealthier cities. 25% of Phoenix residents over the age of 18 have a high school diploma, 17% have a college degree, and 9% have a graduate or professional degree.