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American Storage - Missouri City (4)

American Storage - Missouri City

Missouri City, TX 77489 | 3.60 miles away (#1)
No 5' x 10' Available
Storage Choice - W. Airport (3)

Storage Choice - W. Airport

Houston, TX 77071 | 0.30 miles away (#8)
No 5' x 5' Available
Murphy Road Self Storage (14)

Murphy Road Self Storage

Stafford, TX 77477 | 2.90 miles away (#9)
No 5' x 5' Available
No 10' x 10' Available
CubeSmart Self Storage (2)

CubeSmart Self Storage

Houston, TX 77081 | 6.00 miles away (#11)
No 5' x 5' Available
No 5' x 10' Available
Blalock Storage

Blalock Storage

Houston, TX 77080 | 11.60 miles away (#13)
No 5' x 5' Available
No 5' x 10' Available
No 10' x 10' Available
Great Value Storage - Westward Lane (31)

Great Value Storage - Westward Lane

Houston, TX 77081 | 5.10 miles away (#17)
No 5' x 5' Available
No 5' x 10' Available
Houston City Guide

Home to Beyoncé, Jennifer Garner, and Wes Anderson, Houston, Texas is a great place to live—as long as you remember the Alamo! Aside from the famous battle cry of the Mexican-American war, Houston also boasts 627 square miles, a population of 2.2 million, and over 11,000 restaurants. It’s the fourth largest city in the US (after NY, LA, and Chicago) and everything about it is big.

In a world where texting is an accepted form of communication and emojis are an accepted form of emotional intelligence, Houston, Texas stands out for its true Southern Hospitality. Which comes in handy when you live in the tornado capital of the world. With an average of 11 tornados each month, you’ll be glad that gentlemen hold the doors open for you. And having a secure storage unit to keep extra roof shingles, front porches, and doors is probably a good idea.

Thanks to Billy Ray Cyrus, line dancing has become more popular than the white man’s overbite, which means that you’ll need to have a generous supply of cowboy boots. Why more than one pair? Well, you’ll need dress cowboy boots to visit the 17-block theater district (only New York has a larger theater district), scruffy cowboy boots to attend the world’s largest rodeo, and cleated cowboy boots to ride your bicycle on one of the 160 miles of dedicated bike paths in the state.

If you’re not fortunate enough to have a closet the size of Carrie Bradshaw’s, then you’ll certainly need to make use of your nearest storage facility for your boots, porches, and insect repellant. Oh, did we forget to mention that Houston, Texas has mosquitos the size of Chihuahuas? They’re called Monster Mosquitos and the city actually hires people to drive around and spray bug repellant into the air.

Just starting your Houston self storage search? There are a few things you should know. Houston storage unit prices and availability are closely related to things like real estate prices, the type of housing available in the area, the city's wealth, and whether or not many people are moving to the area. We used US Census data on Houston to give you a better idea of these factors.

Houston, TX Moving and Storage

If there are many people moving to or from Houston, prices could be higher than in other cities. That's because self storage if often used as part of a home move. By looking at population changes in Houston, we should be able to get an idea of how many people are moving to or from the city. The US Census tells us that the metro area population of Houston grew from 2,102,421 in 2010 to 2,239,558 in 2014, which is a rate of 6.52% growth over four years.

The Relationship Between Real Estate and Self Storage in Houston, TX.

The Houston real estate climate may affect storage prices and availability in a number of ways, one of those ways being housing prices. The US Census provides us with housing value and median rent data for Houston which we can use to get a better idea of what to expect in terms of price and availability for Houston self storage. With a median home value of $141,400 according to the US Census, Houston real estate prices are lower than the average for the top 100 US metros. Between 2009 and 2013 the median home value in Houston grew by 4.97%. Also, considering the fact that the median income in Houston makes up 40.81% of the median home value, we can say that housing in Houston is more affordable than other US metros. 62% of homes in Houston are owner occupied, a lower rate than comparable cities.

The median monthly housing rent in Houston is $894 per month, which is lower than most other big cities. Between 2005 and 2013, the median rent in Houston grew by 11.61%, a higher rate than comparable cities. How affordable is that for median earners in Houston? Median rent would take up 18.59% of a median earner's paycheck in Houston, making it more affordable for renters than other big cities. Approximately 37% of occupied housing in Houston is being rented out, a higher rate than comparable cities.

Cities where homes tend to be smaller may have a greater need for extra storage space. Homes in Houston have a median number of 6.5 rooms, which is higher than the average for large US metros. The median price per room in Houston is $21,754, which is lower than average among the top US metro areas.

Housing occupancy and vacancy rates in Houston can help us get a better idea of how much demand there is for living and storage space in Houston and thus the kind of storage prices and availability we should expect to find. If there's low vacancy rates in Houston housing, there's likely low vacancy at Houston storage facilities. This would allow storage facilities in Houston to charge higher prices for their units. Houston is estimated to have a 87.7% housing occupancy rate, while the vacancy rate is at 12.3%. That's a lower vacancy rate than the average for cities in the United States, and suggests that storage facility vacancy in Houston may also be lower. Low vacancy allows storage facilities to charge higher rent, so a cheap storage unit could be trickier to find in Houston than in other cities.

Economics and Storage Unit Prices in Houston, TX

Cities with a wealthier population and a faster-growing economy may see higher storage prices. Looking at economic statistics for Houston can be particularly helpful if you're moving from another city. Median earners in Houston make $57,712 a year according to the most recent US Census estimates, a higher median pay than the average for large US urban areas. Between 2009 and 2013, median income in Houston grew by 7.13%. 6.7% of residents in Houston make over $200k in income a year, a higher rate than in other big cities. Houston has a total GDP of $456,177,000,000 and a GDP per capita of $72,023. That's a higher GDP per capita than the average for comparable cities. Wealth and education are also highly correlated. 25% of Houston residents over the age of 18 have a high school diploma, 18% have a college degree, and 9% have a graduate or professional degree.