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Best RV Storage

Whittier, CA 90606 | 10.70 miles away (#12)
AA Universal Self Storage (39)

AA Universal Self Storage

North Hollywood, CA 91606 | 12.10 miles away (#17)
Los Angeles City Guide

Whether it’s the lure of being exploited in Hollywood, the eternal beach culture (whether or not you actually go to the beach), or the fact that the avocado is a minor deity here, Los Angeles is a city that attracts people from all over the world.

With a population of 3.9 million people, 5.8 million cars, and 3.7 million actors, there’s an insatiable need for storing one’s material goods. Whether you have a surplus of unused infomercial exercise equipment taking up valuable room in your house or a never-ending supply of clothes-slash-costumes for all those auditions your agent never actually sent you on because she’s been picking up a lot of extra shifts at Starbucks, chances are you have more stuff than space. If hiring a decluttering expert is not in your budget, renting a storage unit in L.A. is an extremely affordable alternative.

As large and full of options as Los Angeles is, it’s also within easy driving distance of several other cities and attractions, like Disneyland in Anaheim, the Italian-style canals in Naples (near Long Beach), major television studios in Burbank (where you can get free studio audience tickets), and Solvang, which boasts numerous wine tasting rooms, Danish pea soup, and a huge red clog on the corner of Copenhagen and First.

Between the pirate booty bag full of jewels from Disney’s amusement park, the life-sized Ellen DeGeneres portrait, and the 50 cases of late harvest Cabernet whatever that you couldn’t pass up, you’re going to need a safe and climate-controlled place to stash all these valuables.