Infographic: So Much Stuff!

13 March 2014 by
Click more below to see the whole thing!

Click more below to see the whole thing!

Over the last half century, Americans began a collection: stuff. We collect everything. Our dresser drawers overflow, our closets bulge, and our garages hold cardboard boxes rather than family sedans. How did this happen? How do we put the brakes on it? Those questions are tough to answer. What are our homes filled with? How is all of this stuff affecting us? Those questions we can answer! Check out our new infographic below for an overflowing screen of knowledge. And when you’re done, you can share it, like it, or just move on. Much easier than cleaning out that second fridge!

infographic so much stuff

Ken Susman

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I'm an avid writer and love finding new ways to communicate the things that interest me. Who knew that storage would make the list? Welcome!

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