SpareFoot Analysis Reveals America’s 20 Fastest-Growing College Towns

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AUSTIN, TX—Raleigh, North Carolina, home to North Carolina State University, is America’s Fastest-Growing College Town, according to a new data analysis from SpareFoot, the online marketplace for self-storage.

To rank America’s Fastest-Growing College Towns, SpareFoot compared the 2000 and 2010 populations of college towns. Raleigh topped the 20-town list, with population growth of 46 percent from 2000 to 2010.

SpareFoot selected only those towns with a main campus of a public four-year university and a residential population of at least 20,000. The analysis did not include cities like Atlanta because although they’re home to major universities, their economies are more diversified than those of traditional college towns.

“College towns are so appealing because they combine the charm and livability of a small city with the sophistication and amenities of a much larger metropolitan area,” population researcher Bert Sperling, founder of, told “Cities with colleges and universities are healthier financially, because the local school provides a stable economic base when recessions hit. In fact, enrollment often increases when the job market tightens.”

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Here is SpareFoot’s complete list of America’s Fastest-Growing College Towns.

1. Raleigh, North Carolina

Major campus: North Carolina State University

2000-10 population growth rate: 46.29 percent

2. College Station, Texas

Major campus: Texas A&M University

2000-10 population growth rate: 38.25 percent

3. Las Cruces, New Mexico

Major campus: New Mexico State University

2000-10 population growth rate: 31.44 percent

4. Gainesville, Florida

Major campus: University of Florida

2000-10 population growth rate: 30.29 percent

5. San Marcos, Texas

Major campus: Texas State University

2000-10 population growth rate: 29.25 percent

6. Columbia, Missouri

Major campus: University of Missouri

2000-10 population growth rate: 28.36 percent

7. Fayetteville, Arkansas

Major campus: University of Arkansas

2000-10 population growth rate: 26.76 percent

8. Flagstaff, Arizona

Major campus: Northern Arizona University

2000-10 population growth rate: 24.53 percent

9. Auburn, Alabama

Major campus: Auburn University

2000-10 population growth rate: 24.18 percent

10. College Park, Maryland

Major campus: University of Maryland

2000-10 population growth rate: 23.34 percent

11. Fort Collins, Colorado

Major campus: Colorado State University

2000-10 population growth rate: 21.35 percent

12. Pullman, Washington

Major campus: Washington State University

2000-10 population growth rate: 20.77 percent

13. Tallahassee, Florida

Major campus: Florida State University

2000-10 population growth rate: 20.42 percent

14. Austin, Texas

Major campus: University of Texas

2000-10 growth rate: 20.38 percent

15. Champaign, Illinois

Major campus: University of Illinois

2000-10 population growth rate: 20.05 percent

16. Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Major campus: University of North Carolina

2000-10 population growth rate: 17.49 percent

17. Stillwater, Oklahoma

Major campus: Oklahoma State University

2000-10 population growth rate: 16.95 percent

18. Manhattan, Kansas

Major campus: Kansas State University

2000-10 population growth rate: 16.62 percent

19. Fargo, North Dakota

Major campus: North Dakota State University

2000-10 population growth rate: 16.5 percent

20. Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Major campus: University of Alabama

2000-10 population growth rate: 16.12 percent


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