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20 September 2012 by

You are moving or have moved to a new home that you dream to organize and decorate the best way. There are a few tips that will help you organize the space at your home and to make it more comfortable and stylish.

The Kitchen Area

Collecting dishes in one another can save space, but in contrast, later it is very difficult to take out the needed dish unless it is located at the top. So, avoid this option and choose a different solution for the dishes that you use frequently – for example, hooks on the wall or movable containers in the kitchen drawers. Convenient arm installed on the wall under the kitchen cabinets is ideal for passionate cooks – you can find the desired appliances at a glance. Above all, this system of organizing kitchen accessories is very flexible in terms of layout – objects are hung on the arm by means of metal hooks, making them easier to rearrange. A tall kitchen cabinet drawer is ideal for storing bottles of wine, champagne or soft drinks. Laterals hold bottles steady, while dividers can be placed inside the cabinet to keep them upright.

In the Bedroom

Make use of the place under your bed with a low cabinet or an old drawer on which wheels are assembled. Thus, pulling them out from under the bed will be much faster and easier, and you will store a lot of items in there.

You can make a convenient towel rack as well. Put on the bedroom door or somewhere near the entrance to the bathroom a rod on which to put wet towels. This will save space in your bathroom and, at the same time, will reduce the humidity there. At once, you will increase the humidity in the bedroom which is pretty essential.

Ideas for Every Room

Use every inch of your room to make it more practical and tidy. For example, a clever solution, if the building construction allows, is to shape a not very large niche in the wall and line it with wooden slats. These lovely shelves can be used for storage of towels, cosmetics, or decoration. Partial walls are a wonderful architectural solution for any small home – they divide the visual space without creating tight, dark spaces. Furthermore, their interior part can be a wonderful place for your decorative accessories.

Smart Solutions

Conventional or fitted wardrobes can be turned into а practical laundry room – the aim should be to adjust one or two divisions of the wardrobe for а washer and dryer, and next to them to provide space for storing the necessary supplies. If you have enough space, you can insert an ironing board that folds vertically inside the cabinet. Here’s a clever solution to sheets and tablecloths – in order not to wrinkle them after ironing and find them quickly, arrange them vertically on a simple system of wooden rafters. The system resembles a folding drying – folded accessories are placed on the latches. It is designed so that you can pull everything easily, if necessary, and when you finish ordering, you can return the items in the wardrobe in one stroke.

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