• Ideas for Storing and Organizing Your Belongings at Home

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    If in your home you gather countless things that you don’t need or use but you never throw away, at a time your house will look like a barricade. For many of you who do not suffer from the mania to store things at home, a rambling bedroom, a closet full of useless stuff, a pile of unopened letters or a garage or basement crowded with all sorts of items are sources of stress and guilt. And these feelings create more problems than you think. Each of you can achieve the purpose of arranging all the belonging and enjoy an orderly home following a few simple rules:

    Take your time for arranging

    Organizing should begin with the consideration of what to keep and what to get rid of, and that takes time. So spend a few hours each week to work on certain chaotic places in your home and stick to this schedule. You can start by storing useless items in boxes ready to donate, sell or just throw them away.

    Start with a basic sorting

    To organize two piles of things you like and dislike is the easiest start. If you have books scattered around the room, collect them in one place. The same goes for magazines, bills, recipes, newspapers and clothing. Then, attack the piles one by one and sort out the necessary from the unnecessary.

    If there is no room for it, throw it away

    Do not just move things from one place to another – there is no point at all. It’s nice to have a plan on where anything goes if you decide to keep it. If you spot something that doesn’t fit, just get rid of it.

    This does not mean you should gather all of your souvenirs on a shelf just because they fit there – put a few favorites and the rest sell, give or donate to charity.

    Choose a system suitable for you

    Storage boxes seem a good idea to organize your stuff, but if you are the kind of person who prefers to see his/her things, they are not an option for you. In this case, you’d better choose open shelves or hangers, for example.

    Be creative

    Use your imagination when trying to open more space for storage of various items. Put your household appliances on the walls. You can arrange additional hooks on which to hang some pots and pans.

    Consider where in the kitchen you could put some extra shelves. There you can arrange your jars of spices, all the colourful dishes and even some flowers that will make the kitchen look brighter.

    Some unique ideas for storing

    Old suitcases can step into the shoes of the original storage place of the property. The leather ones look very chic; you can put two or three in one corner of the bedroom or living room. In the bathroom you can use small, colorful suitcases to keep towels in them.

    Do not underestimate the properties of the inexpensive wicker baskets and boxes – they will not only accommodate so many things (from cosmetics and newspapers to photos and even socks) but will also look great

    With these simple rules you can easily arrange your home, organize and store your belongings and feel delighted by the results.

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  • Common Storage Items: Antique Storage Tips

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    There are many reasons why people choose to use self storage. Some are in the middle of a divorce, some getting married, moving across country, a frequent traveler, spring cleaning, a business storing files or brave men and women needing protection for their belongings while they serve overseas. This is the fifth part in a series of tips for the most common self storage items.

    Previously we covered furniture, electronics, appliances and documents. Today we focus on antiques and heirlooms. Storing antiques, collectibles or heirlooms can be cause for concern for some people. Depending upon the item being stored a person may need higher security or a climate controlled storage. If the item is an antique dating back several generations an individual may want tight security, locks and video surveillance. If the item is a piece of fine art a climate controlled storage unit would better suit to keep the art safe, secure and damage free.

    Antique and Heirloom Storing Tips:

    For pieces of fine art and paintings temperature, humidity and moisture control are essential to keeping the art in pristine condition. Keeping the temperature constant, humidity low and moisture out will keep your art valuable, in great condition and will avoid potential damage. If wrapping of the art is needed, avoid plastic as it traps moisture and will then ruin the art. Placing cardboard between paintings and wrapping sculpture art in blankets or towels will keep them padded and minimize potential damage.

    Art should never be placed on the ground or leaned up against a wall for an extended period of time as this could compromise the structure and distort the item. Any furniture should be wrapped in bubble wrap, towels or blankets – again, avoid plastic. Any antique items which can be broken down and disassembled should be done so as to take every precaution against any potential damage. It is also a good idea to acquire extra insurance for any valuable items being stored. Insurance can be purchased through the storage facility or from your home/renters insurance.

    Keep these tips in mind when storing your antiques and heirlooms. Search our website for San Diego storage units, Washington DC self storage and anything in between.

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